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Symposium of National Union of
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Psychology in the service of african society

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325 Days
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Congolese Professionals 50 USD 55 USD 60 USD
Students 25 USD 27,5 USD 30 USD

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Thematic Areas

There are five:

Trauma and Resilience
Diagnosis and Therapies
Psychology and Primary Health Care
Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience
Psychology and Public Health
Psychology and Traditional Medicine
Psychology and Community approaches
Psychology and Multi-disciplinarity in health promotion
Psychology and Addictions
Psychology and the health of men and women in uniform
Psycholoy and Geriatrics and Gerontology
Psychology and Chronic Disease and Palliative Care

Psychology and Scientific research
Psychology, Education and Training
Psychology and School and Child Development
Psychology and Specialized Education
Psycholoy, People with disabilities and social barriers
Psychology, criminology and urban violence
Psychology and Children in difficult situations
Forensic Psychology

Psychology and Scientific organization of work
Psychology and Occupational diseases
Psychology and Management of stress at work
Psychology and Psychology, business and sustainable economy
Psychology, programmed obsolescence and capitalism
Psychology and Professional performance
Psychology and Aviation
Psychology and new technologies

Psychology, Geopolitics and African leadership
Psychology and Societal transformation (peace, war, terrorism)
Psychologie et résilience organisationnelle
Psychology and Human rights, Ethics
Psychology and African identity and traditions
Psychology and Environmental protection
Psychology, Modernity and Religion
Psychology and Globalization
African psychology and universal paradigms

>All other traditional and new psychologies not mentioned above.

Main Objective

Create an African space for exchange, reflection, research and training in psychology and develop friendship between professionals, universities and researchers..

Specific objectives

  • Reflect on African problems and bring African solutions,
  • Stimulate African psychologists to reach the international standard,
  • Develop close collaboration between African universities in the service of African society,
  • reate an African multidisciplinary work space focused on the well-being of human being and his environment.

Context and Justification

Africa is the oldest continent as far as settlement is concerned, but with the uprising nations in full building. Building nation focuses mainly on the human interest because the nation is sum of men and women sharing the same story, same inherited culture and the same living area.

Nearly all the African nations, particularly those located in the Central and Eastern, share in common the slave history, slave trade, colonization, wars for independence and the civil wars. All these events have left their mark in the African soul and call for an awareness of who we are and ask us what we want to become and what we want to build as a future.

Human being is not just an aggregate of organs or material. Human being is body, soul and spirit. Do we not say that we need 'a healthy mind in a healthy body' and that 'we are the result of the past' ?

Starting from our common story we must build our African identity, made of different socio-cultural contributions of all the different African nations. It is about building a pan-African resilience, as supported by the Pan-African Psychology Union (PAPU).

To build an African space of exchange, reflection, training and research, in order to guarantee peace between our nations, to promote the life and sustainable development of Africa.

Sustainable development requires women and men well-trained, sound in body and mind and resilient. This is where psychology intervenes for societal transformation and building structural and organizational resilience on an African scale.

For this reason we appeal to all scientists in the social, psychological, environmental, educational, mental health fields, and all people of good will (humanists and altruists) as well as experts in the humanitarian field, for them to support this saving project for the African people.

Given its geopolitical position, its situation as a so called post-conflict country, the existence in its territory of permanent pockets of armed violence, its great experience in training and the practice of psychology, as well as its active participation in previous African Congresses of psychology, the DRC was chosen to host the 2019 Congress.

Submit your abstracts for a paper presentation to ecarcp2019@gmail.com until August 31,2019